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What makes a proactive accountant?

What makes a proactive accountant?

The term “proactive” can be found on the websites of countless accountancy firms throughout the United Kingdom and further afield. It has become the standard marketing message that attempts to reassure existing and prospective clients that, “by choosing us, you … Read More

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Blue sky showing above the clouds

Over-and-above-ness: why all the other stuff is the stuff that matters most

What is the difference between those businesses we stand by through thick and thin, and those we turn our backs on and walk away? Mike Corcoran shared some food for thought at the online launch of PF Director, 25th March … Read More

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Image of magnet attracting stick figures

Accountants: 50 Great Ways to Attract High Quality Clients

Introduction How do you and your accountancy firm attract new clients to your business? I have put together the following comprehensive list of 50 lead generation techniques for accountants in practice. Why? Well, just for a bit of fun really. … Read More

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Woman holding up a ruler to measure performance increase

Accountants: What tools do you use to measure the impact of the advice you give?

Measuring the unmeasurable Last week I was reading a discussion in a closed Facebook group for accountants in the United Kingdom. The discussion started with an accountant relaying a question that she had received from a client that day. The … Read More

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Gareth from PF Director hugging a robot

Why robots are an accountant’s best friend

Fear and loathing in accountancy Over the last decade or so, there has been a slow crescendo of opinion pieces and comment discussing the future role of the accountant – given the rise of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) and … Read More

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Image of a red carpet used by accountant to greet clients

10 great ways for accountants to greet their clients

Think about it from your client’s perspective. Your client is meeting with you, for the first time, to talk about something serious and meaningful to them, their finances. They are potentially nervous about the situation and don’t know what to … Read More

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Accountants - Why saying hello matters

Accountants – How do you say hello?

When I first started training as an accountant almost 20 years ago, I feared meetings with clients. At that point in time, I was not particularly one for chit-chat at work. Firstly, I am fairly introverted by nature, but secondly, … Read More

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How to retain more accountancy clients

Accountants: How to lock in your clients for life

Client retention is the life blood of sustainable growth for an accountancy practice. Without a good retention rate, the practice is resigned to working harder and more often on its marketing activities and handover processes – leaving less time (and … Read More

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Intelligent advisory software for accountants

PF Director – Coming Autumn 2019

We are pleased to announce that our intelligent web based advisory solution for accountants, financial advisors and growth experts will be ready for release very soon. To register your interest in a free trial and walkthrough of the system, please … Read More

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